Top 12 Homework & Study Tips To Help You Make The Grade

Almost every student enrolled in school is driven by the goal to achieve top-notch grades. This adds a certain amount of pressure to the student’s life, on top of all the other duties he or she has which, consequently, makes focusing on studies and homework that much harder, subsequently preventing you from achieving those grades you wish for. What most students don’t realize, however, is that with a few simple rules that they can follow every day, the school will be a breeze.

Here are 12 such tips to make sure you get that grade you so badly want.

  1. Listen carefully: Pay attention during your classes and listen attentively. A lot of the learning that you might later have to do in your individual study time can be covered if you just tune your ears to what your teacher is saying.
  2. Scheduling: Devote some time of your day to individual study. All you need is one hour. If you study right for that one hour, every day, it is more than enough to ensure you an exceptional mark.
  3. Plan: Make a list of the academic goals you need to achieve that day. These goals can range from homework to case studies. A student that knows what he wants to do knows how to do it best. Get yourself a journal and jot down everything you have to do that day then act on it when you sit down to study.
  4. Take a break: You do not have to study continuously for one or two hours straight. Take a break every fifteen minutes. Studies have shown that the human brain works best when it is given short breaks. Use this time to get yourself a drink or snack up.
  5. Lighting is key: Wherever your study place is, make sure it is well lit. Low levels of light induce drowsiness which in turn makes focusing on your studies harder.
  6. Stay hydrated: It is important to have sufficient intake of water. This promises prolonged attention span, improved memory, and less fatigue.
  7. Mind mapping: Memorizing buckets of theoretical information is not the right way to do it. A better way to study is through mind mapping. How a student mind maps depends on how they learn best. Some learn through pictures and drawings, others through writing down notes in bullet points, etc. The idea is to take the essence of the theory you’re learning and simplify it as much as possible, then putting it on paper in such a way that each point leads to the other almost like a story. This makes learning very easy.
  8. Don’t change positions: If you have chosen a study spot, stick to it. Changing it on a regular basis makes it harder for the mind to focus as it is distracted by the change of place.
  9. Explain verbally: If you truly wish to understand a topic from the inside out, teach it to someone else. There is an unwritten rule, if you can explain any complicated topic to a 7-year-old, then you understand it completely. When you teach, you will get stuck at certain parts, and this will allow you to see where it is you are still unclear.
  10. Sleep: Your mind is a magnificent machine that works all day. It deserves to rest. For the mind to function optimally, it needs at least 8 hours of sleep.
  11. Revise: Right before you go to bed and after you wake up, try remembering everything you have studied that day or the previous day. Do this and it will practically be impossible to forget what you learned.
  12. Reward: Remember to reward yourself. If you have achieved your goals, rewards are in order. This will keep you motivated to work harder and outdo yourself the next time.

Follow these rules every day and nothing can stop you from achieving that grade you want. The best part is it is not just for academics but for any goal in life you wish to achieve. Good luck and happy studying!

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