Mrs. Marci Bishop, Homemaker      Edit
  • I had endometriosis for 9 Years before detection
  • Diagnosed on July 1, 1991
  • I have 2 Children
  • I live in Corinth, Kentucky USA
  • You can contact me at
I was diagnosed with Endo after 9 years of suffering with it, which was july of 1991. I continued to have pain within a few years of each lap I had done. Total I have had 7 laps and one laprotomy(spelling) with removal of my left ovary. As of June 2002 I had a complete hysterectomy because of Endo and Polycystic Ovary Syndrom. It was as a last resort, as my body could not take any more surgery or handle the medicines that they have for Endo. So now I take each day as it comes and am thankful for the painfree days I do have.