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The Endometriosis Coping Zone - Coping with others

The Endometriosis Coping Zone

Coping with others

  • Communications: One Key To Survive Endometriosis - by John Blondin of MENDO. John talks poignantly about the difference between having anger at the disease versus anger at the person with the disease. A “must read.”
  • When Others Don’t Understand – A few months ago, one of our subscribers asked us to write an article about family members who were having a hard time dealing with the impact of endometriosis. She admitted that she felt her husband’s lack of understanding was causing her more stress, thereby making her pain worse. Although one article can’t cover all aspects of this complicated subject, we’ve outlined a few strategies for helping our friends and loved ones understand our challenges. 
  • What Do I Tell People About My Disease? – How much should I reveal and to whom? Hint: it’s your call!